About us

La forêt(ラ・フォレ)


Since 2020, based in Kochi Pref. Japan, we have been producing creative performances and workshops with local and international artists. We provide opportunities to experience diverse cultures and art from an early age. We also focuses on artist-in-residence programs with the aim of cross-cultural exchange, providing artists with opportunities to create and present their works. While based in the local community, we provide a variety of artistic, cultural, and international exchange projects in cooperation with other companies, organizations, and public cultural facilities.

Our Work

共同制作事業/Co-produced Project
JAPAN LIVE YELL project Washi+Performing Arts? Project vol.7 パフォーマンス作品2本立て公演「Kaji / 楮」「人造自然」/ ‘Kaji’ & ‘Artificial Nature’(September 2023)

高知ライブエール・プロジェクト「いのアートミーティング」/ Kochi Live Yell Project ‘Ino Art Meeting’(September 2022)

Washi+Performing Arts? Project vol.6 演出・振付 鈴木竜 × 音楽 棚川寛子「いとなむ」/ Direction & Choreography: Ryu Suzuki × Music: Hiroko Tanakawa ‘Itonamu’(September 2021)

企画制作/Produced Project

Official Partner