Report : Kochi Live Yell Project “Ino Art Meeting” / 2022.09.3−11



Seven artists from Japan and abroad of different genres gathered in Ino-cho to present installations, exhibitions, performances, and interactive art based on their research on Tosa Washi paper in every space of the Ino-cho Paper Museum.

Some visitors came back several times during the event to enjoy the diversity of expression.

会期 Term


Sat, 3rd September – Sun, 11th September 2022
※5th September is closed

会場 Venue


Ino-cho Paper Museum (Ino-cho)

Number of Audience

体験アート:83名, 展示:69名, パフォーマンス:152名

Interactive art : 83 people, Exhibition : 69 people, Performance : 152 people

Voice of audience





I was able to appreciate the beauty of Tosa washi once again.


I was very moved as if I entered the world of books and stories. The paper houses had cute characters and made me feel warm.


It was interesting to see the images on the three sides of the paper change and the feeling of multiple storylines being connected. The projection from the back side of the paper was also good.

Interactive Art



I was very moved to enjoy the light even if I could not open my eyes. The feeling of entering into the work was great. The expression of the hands was beautiful.


It was truly a magical experience to feel extraordinary in this way. It was a stimulating experience in a place where I do not function on a daily basis.




I was amazed by Yu Kitagawa’s supple and beautiful dance. I kept thinking about what she was trying to tell. The beautiful nature of the Niyodo River, the workings of people since ancient times, and the evolution of civilization, which is gradually becoming faster and faster until it cannot keep up. It was very good. The Fundoshi performance was a collaboration of strong physicality and fragile paper, which was fun and powerful.


Washi has a strong impression as a material, but after seeing today’s performance, I felt that it is a material with many other possibilities.



3 − 11 September, 2022





It is like the morning dew that spreads over the valley before sunrise, like the countless tears of regret over a fading situation, like the sweat shared under the dry sun.

As the seasons change, as the environment changes, and as values change, I feel that when we release our hearts to each other, they will be connected again.

ケイ・アラブナ Kei Arabuna


Lives and works in Komatsu City, Pref. Ishikawa. Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art (Fine Arts, Sculpture). He is a contemporary artist who mainly creates three-dimensional sculptures of wood, metal, and plastic arts, as well as music and space production, and traditional craft brands, experiencing and embodying the connection between nature and society. He has participated in art fairs in various countries, including the Louvre Museum and Aoyama Spiral.

「Paper House」



Although I was called to “stay home”, and I became confined to my home, it did not feel like “home” to me. This sense of absence and washi paper were combined to create a fairy tale. This work was shown in the exhibition “Washi Photography, World of Art” held at Gallery Tottori in October 2021.

原啓太 Keita Jimmy Hara

2020年にアート・インスタレーション「A LIFE OF PAPERMAN」を初出展。2021年には短編映画「Paper Thin」を監督する。

Actor. Born in New Jersey, USA.
He is based in Tokyo, Japan, and works mainly in stage and film. His art installation “A LIFE OF PAPERMAN” was exhibited for the first time in 2020. In 2021, he directed a short film “Paper Thin”.

「Pages / Pahinga / 頁」


Maraming salamat po!

This is a project in which local residents participate to portray life in Ino-cho from multiple perspectives through storytelling with video images. The videos of the participants and artists will be connected and exhibited as a media installation. Let’s turn the pages of life in Ino together.
Maraming salamat po!

ネス・ロケ Ness Roque

1991年生まれ。フィリピンのアンヘレス・シティ出身。舞台・映画俳優、ドラマトゥルク、エデュケーター。参加型アートやリサーチの実践、コミュニティの運営、教育を統合した複合領域的な集団Salikhain Kolektibの一員として活動。フィリピンおよびアジア太平洋地域にて、様々なプロジェクトを行う。文部科学省の奨学金を受け、現在東京藝術大学大学院国際芸術創造研究科アートプロデュース専攻に在籍。

Born in 1991. Born in Angeles City, Philippines. Stage and film actor, dramaturg, and educator. She is a member of Salikhain Kolektib, a multidisciplinary collective integrating interactive art and research practice, community management, and education. She has worked on various projects in the Philippines and the Asia Pacific region. She is currently enrolled in the Graduate School of International Art Creation, Tokyo University of the Arts, majoring in Art Production, on a scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

ラルフ・ルムブレス Ralph C. Lumbres

1990年生まれ。フィリピンのカガヤン・デ・オロ出身。美術やデザイン、パフォーマンス、教育、コミュニティ開発など、様々な分野に渡って活動するインターディシプリナリー・アーティスト。Salikhain Kolektib共同運営者・創設者。最近はジャカルタを拠点とする集団GUDSKUL Ekosistemによる展示プログラムの一部として、ドイツ・カッセルで開催された「ドクメンタ15」にSalikhainも参加。2020年より、NPO法人黄金町エリアマネジメントセンターのアーティスト・イン・レジデンスプログラムに参加、横浜を拠点に活動している。

Born in 1990. Born in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Interdisciplinary artist whose work art, design, performance, education, and community development. Co-director and founder of Salikhain Kolektib. Salikhain recently participated in Documenta15 in Kassel, Germany as part of the exhibition program by the Jakarta-based collective GUDSKUL Ekosistem. Since 2020, he participated in the artist-in-residence program of the NPO Koganecho Area Management Center, based in Yokohama, Japan.

Geloy Maligaya Concepcion

アーティストトーク Artist Talk


3 – 4 September, 1:30pm-2:45pm

Interactive Art


3 – 7 September
max 5 participants per a show / 25 mins
3日(土)4日(日)Sat 3 & Sun 4 September

[1] 9:30 [2] 10:10 [3] 10:50 [4] 11:30 [5] 12:10 [6] 15:00 
[7] 15:40 [8] 16:20

[1] 9:30am [2] 10:10am [3] 10:50am [4] 11:30am [5] 12:10pm
[6] 3:00pm [7] 3:40pm [8] 4:20pm

6日(火)7日(水)Tue 6 & Wed 7 September

[1] 11:00 [2] 14:00

[1] 11:00am [2] 2:00pm

ランダール & サイトル
「シンフォニー うつろいゆく博物館」

Lundahl & Seitl
“Symphony of a Missing Room, Impermanence and the Museum”

Lundahl & Seitl’s Symphony inside Fujiko Nakaya, Glacial Fog Falls.
Fog installation #01494, Momentum Biennial, 2015.


原作「Symphony of a Missing Room」は、Weldの委嘱によりリサーチを開始し、2009年スウェーデン・ストックホルムの国立美術館にて発表した作品です。

This is a re-staging of a work created by Lundahl & Seitl, a cross-genre unit based in Sweden and the UK that combines dance and visual arts, while on a month-long residency in Kochi in 2018. The audience experience an unknown museum, wearing white goggles to block their view and guided by the voices through headphones and hands of a guide.

The original work, “Symphony of a Missing Room”, was commissioned by Weld to begin research and presented at the National Art Museum in Stockholm, Sweden in 2009.

Lundahl & Seitl

Lundahl & Seitl “Symphony of a Missing Room, Impermanence and the Museum”Christer Lundahl (Vidual Artist)

Martina Seitl (Choreographer)

Rachel Alexander (Dramaturg)

Chikara Fujiwara (Japanese translation supervisor and dramaturg of the premiere version)

Minori Sumiyoshiyama (Voice and assistant for the first version of the show)

2003年ビジュアル・アーティストのChrister Lundahlと振付家Martina Seitlによる分野横断型のユニットを発足。スウェーデンとイギリスの両国を拠点に活動を展開。歴史や時間、場所、認識や知覚などに着目したリサーチを行い、動作と視覚の境界を取り払った創作手法を特徴としている。

In 2003, visual artist Christer Lundahl and choreographer Martina Seitl formed a cross-disciplinary unit. They are based in both Sweden and the UK. Their research focuses on history, time, place, and perception. Their creative method is characterized by the removal of the boundaries between movement and vision.



石山優太、原啓太、浜田あゆみ、田島柚来、山本香菜子、ネス・ロケ、ラルフ・ルムブレス、田中蒼空、岡林見原、岡林陽向、中野 紗和、谷岡遥友、濵田陽菜

Yuta Ishiyama, Keita Hara, Ayumi Hamada, Yura Tajima, Kanako Yamamoto, Ness Roque, Ralph Lumbres, Sora Tanaka, Miharu Okabayashi, Yokoh Okabayashi, Sawa Nakano, Haruto Tanioka, Hina Hamada



9月10日(土)・11日(日)開演 11時、15時
10-11 September  Start: 11am & 3pm

「五十嵐くんの、ふんど紙パフォーマンスショー etc」
Igarashi-kun’s loincloth Performance Show etc

作・振付・出演 五十嵐結也・飯野高拓
Created, choreographed and performed by Yuya Igarashi and Takahiro Iino



Dancer Yuya Igarashi and dancing photographer Takahiro Iino, whose “Fundoshi Biyori “, a photo activity in which they dance with red loincloths in the great nature of Japan, became a hot topic with 35,000 retweets on Twitter, give a special performance.

五十嵐結也  Yuya Igarashi


Dance performer, choreographer, and actor. Born in Saitama, raised in Nagano and Yamagata. He grew up with a physical complex from childhood, but discovered Japanese folk performing arts in junior high school and performing arts including contemporary dance in college, and now he has turned his complex into an energy to perform. His careers are diverse, including stage, television, and music videos.

飯野高拓  Takahiro Iino

写真家 1983年 山形県酒田市出身。

Photographer Born in Sakata City, Pref. Yamagata in 1983. After graduating from Nihon University with a degree in photography, he joined Hakuhodo Products Inc. in 2004, and was a member of the dance entertainment group “Ume-Bo” until 2021. His work includes mainly portraits, but also corporate advertising, products, architecture, landscapes, dance, and more. In recent years, he has been working to revitalize various areas of Japan, while teaching photography methods to others.

“Cannot be counted”

作・振付・出演 北川結
音楽 西井夕紀子
Choreographed and performed by Yu Kitagawa
Music Yukiko Nishii



Yu Kitagawa, a member of the dance performance group Momonga Complex and active in a variety of stage performances including dance, music theater, and drama as well as group activities, performs a new solo work related to her experience in Ino-cho and washi paper at this event!

北川結 Yu kitagawa

ダンサー/振付家/イラストレーター。6歳からモダンバレエをはじめる。桜美林大学にてコンテンポラリーダンスを木佐貫邦子に師事。2008年より白神ももこ主宰のモモンガ・コンプレックスにメンバーとして参加。2017年、横浜ダンスコレクション コンペティションIにて自作「タイガーリリー」が奨励賞を受賞。2021年、いの町紙の博物館で上演された「むしはぎ わ(た)し、まったりしたり」(主催:土佐和紙未来プロジェクト)では振付・演出を担当。時々、イラストレーターとしても活動している。

Dancer/choreographer/illustrator. She started modern ballet at the age of 6. She studied contemporary dance under Kuniko Kisanuki at J. F. Oberlin University, and has been a member of Momoko Shiragai’s Momonga Complex since 2008. In 2017, her own work “Tiger Lily” won the Encouragement Prize at the Yokohama Dance Collection Competition I. In 2021, she choreographed and directed “Mushihagi Wa (ta)shi, Mattari Shitari” (produced by Tosa Washi Mirai Project), which was staged at the Ino-cho Paper Museum. She also works as an illustrator.


照明:板倉葵(Light Vision)

Stage Manager/Sound: Takashi Aikawa 
Lighting: Aoi Itakura (Light Vision)


主催:高知県立美術館、Washi+、La forêt、公益社団法人日本芸能実演家団体協議会
企画制作:Washi+、La forêt




文化庁 統括団体によるアートキャラバン事業(コロナ禍からの文化芸術活動の再興支援事業)「JAPAN LIVE YELL project」

Produced by The Museum of Art, Kochi, Washi+, La forêt, Geidankyo
Co-organized by Ino-cho Paper Museum 

Planning and production: Washi+, La forêt

Cooperation: Kashiki Paper Mills, Kamiya Elementary and Junior High School, Tatsuyuki Kitaoka, Daisaku Tsuchiya, Mie Takahashi

Supported by: Kochi Prefecture Board of Education, Kochi Paper Industry Association, Kochi Prefecture Handmade Washi Cooperative Association

Supervising Producer: Ayumi Hamada

Program Director: Yuta Ishiyama

Production: Hisako Yamaura

Production Assistants: Yuri Tatsumi (Spoon), Asami Furuya, Aya Ikeda (Washi+), Myu Uchida (Washi+)

Japanese-English interpreter: Keita Hara

Documentary video: Mikika Shiwa

Photographs: Nae Fukada

Flyer cover photo: Takahiro Iino

Flyer design: Mikio Tachiki

Art Caravan project by the Agency for Cultural Affairs (a project to support the revival of cultural and artistic activities after the Corona disaster) “JAPAN LIVE YELL project

Japan Live Yell project ロゴマーク